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You’re welcome to set up your own account and upload your own videos into the platform through our DIY plan.

As part of our Pro package, our experts interview your clients to highlight the best of your solution.

Step 1: We collaborate with your team to uncover what makes you unique, common objections to your buying process, and which proof points will improve conversion.

Step 2: Then, we coordinate virtual interviews with your best clients, asking them the questions that will help you convert more prospects and close more opportunities.

Step 3: We edit the recordings, set up your account, and train your team on how to use the videos to drive success across their pipeline.

Most of our users are launched and seeing success in 10-15 business days.

It only takes us a day or two to collaborate with your team to come up with the best questions and prompts for your clients.

Depending on your clients’ calendars, we can complete their interview in the first week. Closed captioning and editing takes us a few days, but setting up your account is easy.

Once your videos are uploaded, we’ll schedule a time to train your team on the platform and how they should use the content to drive revenue.

We get HD (1080p) video, but it actually depends on your client’s phone.

We send them a light and camera mount (that they get to keep!), coach them on how to set it up, and direct the interview remotely.

We’ve found that it’s best to have a “genuine feel” to the recordings. Otherwise, they can feel sterile, manufactured, or even worse… fake!

Very little.

Once you introduce us, we will send them a list of your questions and prompts in advance.

We’ll set up a virtual meeting where we interview them live while directing their responses for the best possible videos.

That’s it. They don’t need to send back any equipment or email bulky files.