Close more deals, faster

Provide client references as soon as they’re requested to keep your opportunities on-track and on-time.

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leverage HD sales videos across your entire pipeline

References that you can depend on 24/7

On Demand - connect your buyer with the references that move your deal forward without having to ask for permission, make introductions, or coordinate calendars

Accurate Forecasting - monitor video playback or messages between your client and prospects to gain more confidence in your opportunities and improve win-rates.

Buyer Alignment- create a custom playlist of videos to build value, share recordings, and immortalize demos while mapping stakeholders and measuring engagement

  • Tell us about yourself, your role, and the exciting things you're driving at TiLT!

  • What was your reference process before rfrd?

  • How has rfrd improved your sales process?

  • Why is it important for Olive to connect your customers with your prospects?

  • Why is it important for TiLT to connect your customers with your prospects?

improve win-rates 18% by connecting your your best opportunities with your happiest customers

“...faster sales cycle,
shorter time to deliver value..."

Jessi Johanson
Vice President of Sales

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