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Authentic customer videos in two weeks that cost 80% less than an agency

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Works with your marketing automation and team calendar tools

Generate more qualified leads

Promote Storytelling- turn your best customers into your top converting content. leverage videos across the customer journey and your entire tech stack

Content Attribution- measure what’s working. what videos drive the most engagement? which answers convert the best prospects? who did your champion share videos with?

Generate Referrals- Create referral programs that automatically track success and reward those who send qualified opportunities.

  • Tell us about yourself and what you're building at Olive

  • How did you produce customer content before rfrd?

  • How has rfrd improved your process to get customer testimonials and case studies?

  • Why is it important for Olive to connect your customers with your prospects?

  • Why do you recommend rfrd?

  • What would you do if rfrd disappeared tomorrow?

Success stories that keep up with your growing business

“It's not just getting the case study done in a more efficient way,
it's freeing up my time to be more strategic"

Aine McDonnell
Marketing and Brand Manager

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